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  • All Natural Amino Acids
  • Contains NO Hormones & NO Caffeine
  • Essential Nutrients for Fat Metabolism
  • Easy to Take Twice a Day Drop
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An astounding discovery recently showed that both women & men are gaining weight due to falling hormone levels that decrease as we age, starting in our 30's. This effect is due to essential fat burning amino acids NOT being absorbed by the body once these hormones start to drop. So as your hormones go down, your weight goes up.

Now with easy-to-take Lipodrops women & men can replace these missing fat burning ingredients (natural amino acids) without hormones or caffeine, & as part of a total personal weight loss plan.

Because Your Weight Loss is Personal

Target your hot spots with the right mix of these other natural supplements to create an even more personal weight loss plan.

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"There is nothing easier to take than Lipodrops..." - Lost 29 Pounds with Lipodrops
- Suzanna, Atlanta, GA.

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