Dr. M.J. Collier, MD

The Doctor's Favorite Drop

The Original


  • Natural Fat Burning Amino Acids
  • Doctor Recommended Supplement
  • Contains NO Caffeine or Stimulants
The Lipodrops Plan is an easy-to-follow overall nutrition, diet and supplement plan. Your nutritional-meal planner comes with each order. Individual results may vary.

Because Your Weight Loss is Personal

Target your hot spots with the right mix of these other natural supplements to create an even more personal weight loss plan.

Do You Want Appetite Control?
Do You Want Extra Fat Burning?

Real Success with Lipodrops!

"The first month I dropped 11 pounds, so I stuck with it. After 2 months I lost 23 pounds, and few weeks later was down total 29 pounds. I can’t tell you I was shocked at how easy it was.
THANK YOU to Dr. Collier and of course Rickey!"
- Ana, Atlanta, GA.

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