Yes, Whey! August 30 2013

You hear us say it time and again, protein, protein, protein! Without getting deep into the science, there are many excellent reasons to increase your protein as a key drive in your weigh loss plan. It is difficult to get the amount of protein you need each day just by eating chicken, fish or eggs, so we recommend the concentrated whey protein as the base for a shake. Here is a little more detail on some popular products out there.

Whey Protein Concentrate is the most widely available form on the market, but you may run across something called Whey Protein Isolate. This is just a more refined form wth somewhat higher protein per gram and is a bit more expensive.

This is the brand usually found at Walmart and is an excellent cost value. It is available in 5 flavors chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, chocolate peanut butter, and cookies and cream. Per serving comes in at 170 calories and 30 grams protein.

This available only at GNC is a little pricey but comes in several flavors and is 130 calories per serving and 24 grams protein.

This is a popular line of protein products that includes protein bars. This powder comes in 2 flavors, Triple chocolate and Vanilla Cream. At 100 calories per serving it contains only 15 grams of protein per serving.

Available in retailers such as Kroger, this product too comes in at 100 calories/serving wit also only 15 grams protein.

Since we often recommend protein shakes instead of breakfast, you would want the higher protein values of over 20 grams per serving. A product of only 15 grams per serving could be replaced with 2 eggs with cheese or even a Balance Protein bar and might not be the best choice as a stand-alone, but could be combined to get the meal-segment total over 20 grams preferably up around 30.

The Right Foundation for Weight Loss February 07 2013

A woman called us the other day for information on our weight loss program and asked, "What's the trick?" meaning the trick to losing weight. The fact is there is no trick, but a science to true weight loss. We can maybe do one or two things to upgrade our lifestyle, such as starting a daily walk, or giving up bread, and we may see some limited results. However, to get the results we really want, we need to direct our efforts in a way that works with the science of weight loss, and along with what our bodies will most effectively respond to.

So just as in building a house, you would not start with the roof, or use a 800 square foot foundation for a 2500 square foot structure, realizing our weight loss goals is no accident, and will happen when we take the right steps in the right order, and the right amount. So to start any weight loss, first the right nutritional base or foundation, must be in place.

The best foundation is the right balance of carbs., proteins and fats. There should be a balance between all of these main food groups, because we need to include them all. It is not that carbs are bad; fruits, vegetables and whole grains are carbs, we want those in our diet. It is the high sugar, and highly refined grains which are the carbs that work against us. We need a certain amount of protein to help trigger a weight loss response (we aim for about half your body weight in grams of protein per day), but high fat proteins like bacon we would not want to include. So the right balance of basic foods is the first thing to put in place.

Next the timing of when we eat, is our next priority for maximum weight loss. The key here is to match our eating, or fuel intake, with the pace of our body's demand for fuel. We often see people doing what is convenient throughout their crazy day (no, it's not just you), and that usually means grabbing something through the day (through the car window dining perhaps?), and then having the biggest meal at the end of the day. This is exactly opposite to the way your body uses energy from food and nutrients. It may work with our schedule, but it results in the body storing up fat instead of burning fat.

The third priority in achieving long term weight loss is supplementing our food. Because of how food is grown, manufactured, shipped and stored, the quality of food is diminished. No longer do foods contain the amount of nutrients that our bodies require. Some categories of nutrients that can most often found to be lacking in a "modern" diet are things like fiber and amino acids (such as in Lipodrops), or the "live" component of things like probiotics or enzymes. How our bodies function overall can be affected greatly if one or more of these micronutrients are missing from our diets.

The fourth component we may want to include in our weight loss plan is exercise and activity. People are often surprised that we put this last, but exercise has been shown to represent only about 10-15% of your overall weight loss. If we are exercising without the nutritional and timing components in place, we will certainly see only limited weight loss results, but when all of these essential weight loss ingredients are taken in the right sequence and amount, our weight loss results will be both significant and long-term.

GIGO November 14 2012

Since the early days of computing a basic principle has been GIGO: Garbage In Garbage Out. Now I'm not here referencing any particular food, but the fact that each one of us, in every one of our cells has a computer-like store of information that processes and responds to the biological signals we send them. The amazing part is not that the cells (and so our body) respond, but that they know exactly how to do it. Our bodies did not have to wait for an app for our iPhone, or for P90X to be invented, before it knew what to do.

The information, or signals we communicate with are the fats, sugars and proteins we take in, along with when we do so. None of these ingredients are in themselves 'bad', but it is the message we send with them that counts. The point is that for your body to give you the response you are looking for we need not over think it, keep the message simple and your body will know what to do.

The simple message is: Balance your carbs and proteins and spread it out over your day, starting when you start your day, supplement with what is missing. Great results can be had by doing just a few things every day, not doing a million things. It is when we do what WE want to do and hoping the result comes out the way we want, without considering just the basics of how the body works, that we feel the need to bring in the heavy machinery, computer programs and boxed foods.

Start simply, be consistent, get results.

Celebrate Change September 21 2012

There is a saying, "If you keep doing what you've always done, you'll keep getting what you got." So don't worry, it will not be the Christmas Dinner or the New Year's party that creates your weight issue; it's the few things we end up doing every day. "I stop at drive thru for breakfast every day", "I have one 32 oz. drink a day", we will usually not have to look too close to find the few troublemakers.

The great news is that it works both ways. The few things a day we can do right can make all the difference in giving us the positive results we may be seeking. "I have 1/3 of my day's protein a half hour after I get up with a whey protein shake", "I make sure I always have my bag of trail mix around so I can snack between meals". Being consistent with the nutritional message: WHAT and WHEN we eat, is how to get the consistent month-to-month weight loss results.

The reality though is that making the changes is really hard. I have offered you two maps of change that may help you both clarify which actions can have the greatest impact, and also where on the emotional roller-coaster of change you may be at, giving you a birds-eye view of the process. So just to be clear- the emotional and habitual triggers and responses can be deeply imbedded in our daily behaviors, but they are able to be changed in our favor, if we take the few necessary steps, day by day.

For our part we hope to give you the clearest, and most practical advice on progressing through your weight loss, information that can really be put to use right away. There are many things any one person can do to help lose weight, what we want you to know are which ones will make the biggest difference in advancing you to your goals.

Here's to great changes and your personal success in the coming year!

No Where To Hide August 14 2012

In case you missed it, this week the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) released the national obesity map. (See link). It confirms what we already knew, that more and more adults are becoming both more overweight and more obese. At a time when health care costs are a national election topic, obesity is not just a driver of health problems, it is its own health problem. If the map the CDC put out was of say, the swine flu, we would be in a state of national lockdown due to an epidemic putting everyone at risk. This is no different, except what we see is Soda-paloosa: 32 ounces for 59 cents, or the Baconator. So how surprised should we be by the map? There is no where to hide, the thing we must do is take control of our own lives with information and effective action steps. We are here to help.

We Are Here To Help July 30 2012

For those who may have not seen results in a couple of weeks: It does take time for the body to change and begin working differently. We speak to many clients who are exercising and "eating healthy". But what type of exercise, how long one has been at a certain routine, how much you are challenging the body, all these factors come into play.

Eating healthy does NOT equal eating to lose weight. If anyone is having difficulty we invite them to submit via email or fax (770.943.8626) their Nutritional Timeline worksheet so we can go over it with you. WE WANT YOU TO GET GREAT RESULTS. But weight loss is not a simple undertaking, there are many moving parts. When are you eating in relation to your exercise, and what are you having? What is your starting weight/BMI and what is your goal? Let us help you figure out what YOUR body is looking for to OK the weight loss. It can be done, let us help.

Why the Amino Acids in Lipodrops are so Special July 17 2012

Although you may have heard of amino acids, you may not be sure exactly what they are, or why we think it is so important to take the Lipodrops amino acid supplement. Let me explain.

The amino acids in Lipodrops help the body in the different steps it takes to use fat as an energy source for the body. The Carnitine, for example, helps move the fat that has been released from the fat storage cells, and move it into the other cells in our body so it can be used as fuel. So having the amino acids that help with every stage of the fat-burning process is important if you really want to lose weight.

Now here's the special part: Amino acids are not stored in the body for when you need them. They must constantly be obtained from our diets, and about the time they are needed. Since the poor quality of our diet, and equally as important, at what times during the day we eat (many people we work with really eat about twice a day, with their main meal at dinner, at the end of their day) is what has contributed to our weight issue, you can see how diet and timing play into this amino acid issue as well.

The other thing about these amino acids is something called the ALL-OR-NONE Rule, let me give you an example. If a part of fat metabolism uses 3 amino acids, and you have 90% of one, 90% of another, but just 30% of the third- the process that uses all three will only work at the 30% level. Since they are all needed for the job, your body can only work up to what it has in the least amount. A recent large study of women over 50 showed that 98% of them were seriously low in Choline, just one of the amino acids in Lipodrops.

So from these couple of facts about amino acids you can start to see why without eating right, not at the right times, and without the full array of needed amino acids, you body will not have the ingredients it needs for real weight loss. You may lose a few pounds, but without them it would be very difficult, if not impossible to reach your full weight loss goals!

Just Following Orders June 15 2012

Most of us with weight issues do not have complicated diseases or glandular problems; for the most part our bodies work pretty well. The implication of this is that our current health and weight condition is just a result of the body responding to what it is being given to work with. Our weight is a result of the body "just following orders", the orders being followed are the foods we eat and when we eat them. Every food/time interaction is seen by the body as a set of directions. With Lipodrop supplementation and a nutritional plan you are giving your body a NEW set of directions to follow- but one consistent with your weight loss goals.

Have a Plan May 28 2012

For many of us there are key components we need to first put in place to begin our weight loss process. One is having a full supply of what the body uses for fat burning, that is what Lipodrops is for. Another is the food we eat; how much we are relying on carbs, how much junk food, how much protein, that sort of thing. A third issue for many is TIME. We are so preoccupied with what we have to do during the day that we have trained ourselves to ignore the inner signals and, for the vast majority of people we help, eat only twice a day. We grab something during the day, roll down the car window and call it lunch. Then when we get home and the world stops bothering us we hear that inner voice say, "FEED ME"; and have a big dinner (because we are 'starving') and snack until bedtime.

An essential part of the Lipodrops Plan is exactly that, having a plan. Our meal planner streamlines your nutritional day so you get what your body needs to run better, and at a higher energy level (metabolism). The key way of accomplishing this is by structuring the timing of your energy intake (meals and snacks) along with the balance of carbs and proteins.

Weight loss is not easy, but by including as much of what the body needs to do this: the right balance of foods, structured timing, and supplementation for enhanced fat metabolism, the closer you will be to success. Use our tools to develop your personal plan, and then follow it to drop the pounds!

Target Belly Fat May 16 2012

Belly fat, also called abdominal or visceral fat, is the kind of fat we really want to get rid of. Major health problems like Diabetes and Fatty Liver Disease (NASH) are associated with belly fat because of how it is formed, and where it goes. By surrounding vital abdominal organs, belly fat can interfere with our organs' proper function.

A major source of belly fat can be fructose, or high fructose corn syrup, This type of sugar is largely metabolized in the liver, but due to a molecular arrangement, the body tends to turn this type of sugar into belly fat, rather than using it as fuel. This leads to greater and greater amounts accumulating over time. Since it 'resists' being used as fuel, it is very hard to get rid of.

The Amino Acids in Lipodrops helps the body break down belly fat and help get rid of them. We should get these Amino Acids from foods, but the modern dietr may be severely lacking in some or all of these. This is especially true of so-called "fast food" diets, something all to common today where convienence can come before good nutrition. This is simply the reason why we need to supplement our diet, because we do not get all the right ingredients from our foods.

42% Obese by 2030 May 08 2012

Wow! Did you catch that headline this morning? It seems despite all the ads for weight and diet programs, low fat meals in the freezer, and even Dr. Oz, the population keeps getting bigger (around the waist). There are even more corporate, or on-the-job wellness programs where people spend much of their day, and still the numbers go up. Why?

The sway of fast food and restaurants ( $5 pizza w. toppings) certainly works against us. But for the most part, people we help are not eating out ALL THE TIME. And, in fact, there is slightly more choices when we do go out. So what gives?

It is our experience that 1) the biology of the body works against weight loss, 2) if those biological criteria set by the body are not met, the weight loss process can be slow, or limited in its effect (lose a little weight, then it stops). We help you set up a plan based on YOUR biological energy needs to work WITH your body in weight loss, not against it. And out of the several factors that figure into weight loss, if you do not have them ALL pulling in the same direction, your results will be limited.

What We Want May 07 2012

I think most people want an answer to weight loss. What works and what does not.

And after thousands of weight loss consultations we come back to the dreaded LIFESTYLE. What that means to us at Lipodrops is examining each stage of each individual's energy cycle. Once we start examining that we can clearly see where things are off, and what needs adjusting. By focusing on only ONE aspect of this cycle (Only diet plan, only nutritional supplements, only exercise) we can try and try but will NOT get the results we want.

A holistic picture of your energy cycle and how to organize it for the best results in YOUR life is what we are after. Take a minute to go to the "How To..." page and open the PERSONAL ENERGY PROFILE. Just by doing this you will start to see some tremendous insights into what your body is missing, and if added, what it will take for true, long-term, weight loss.

Let's take a look!

Where To Start? May 06 2012

Hello and welcome! Lipodrops is here as part of an overall plan that can help you lose weight and increase your energy- because that is the only way to really do it! There are many ways to poke your body into shedding some pounds, but is it a long term strategy that is sustainable?

At Lipodrops we want to check-off every step in the processes of eating food as it gets used as energy in your body. If there is a weight issue, then there is one or more steps in this energy cycle that are not working right, and we want to find out what they are!

You really cannot lose weight by depriving your body, we have found through years of experience, that you must supply the body with everything it needs to make this energy cycle complete. Take a minute to complete your Energy Profile on the "How To Use Lipodrops" page, and lets get started!