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How does Lipodrops work?

A: Lipodrops is a combination of all-natural, fat-burning amino acids, including choline and L-carnitine. These are what you body uses to break down stored fat and get into cells to be burned as fuel. There is a nutritional plan that comes with your package for you to use to help get your metabolism going. There is no caffeine or homones in Lipodrops.

How long do I need to use Lipodrops before I see results?

A: A key part of the Lipodrops plan is setting up you personal nutritional day, and it shows you how to do that in the booklet that comes with your order. Stay consistent day to day with the plan and you should start seeing results in about 2 weeks. Products like the Garcinia for appetite control, and Green Coffee Bean for fat metabolism can help your progress when used with Lipodrops.

Can I take Lipodrops with diabetes and/or high blood pressure (and medicines for those conditions)?

A: Yes there is no interaction or problem with either of these and Lipodrops.
If you have High Blood Pressure: There is no caffeine in Lipodrops, and it will not ‘jitter’ you out or raise your blood pressure. If you have Diabetes: In fact the nutritional plan is designed to maintain your blood sugar through the day with protein and timing, so it’s what you would want to do anyway.

How much weight can I expect to lose with Lipodrops?

A: A lot depends on your starting weight, generally the more you have to lose the more your body will cooperate. We would like you to see a weight loss of about 1-2 pounds or more a week. Products like the Garcinia for appetite control and Green Coffee Bean for fat metabolism can add to your progress.

Do I need to exercise with Lipodrops?

A: Unless you are at a lower BMI, like under 28, exercise will not be the biggest part of your weight loss as much as the nutrition and supplementation is. But of course exercise always adds to it your results, but a lot depends on where you are in the process. We recommend interval type exercise.

Will I gain the weight back once I stop using Lipodrops?

A: You can stop using Lipodrops once you lose the weight, but if you stay on the nutritional plan you should maintain the new weight.

Will Lipodrops get rid of my belly fat?

A: We can’t target one area, so your result will be overall weight loss; but one of the amino acids in Lipodrops does help more with the belly fat. I would recommend using the Green Coffee Bean supplement together with the Lipodrops for this kind of problem.

How long can I stay on Lipodrops?

A: Lipodrops is an all natural supplement, and it is not stored in the body so it can’t build-up, so you can stay on it as you would a vitamin. We recommend that especially for women over 45, they would need this supplement more because they are not absorbing enough of these amino acids. Just like if you had weak bones you would take calcium, if you are not getting these amino acids you want to take Lipodrops.

Is there anything to suppress appetite in Lipodrops?

A: Lipodrops is a ‘fat-burner’, for controlling hunger and cravings and appetite control you want to add the Garcinia supplement, the 2 work really well together.

How long will it take before I receive my Lipodrops?

A: We ship everything first class US mail, we ask you allow 7-10 days to receive your product. Of course, shipping is free.

Is Lipodrops a pill? How do I take it?

A: Lipodrops is a liquid you put under the tongue to be absorbed, you take it twice a day. The Garcinia, Green Coffee Bean and Lipocleanse are all capsules.

Are Lipodrops the same as HCG drops?

A: NO! Lipodrops are all-natural nutrients you body uses on a regular basis during different metabolic cycles in your body. HcG is a hormone produced by women during pregnancy. There are NO HORMONES in Lipodrops.

Is it guaranteed?

A: Since weight loss is very individual and relies on many factors, we cannot guarantee any one person’s results. There is a full money back guarantee for unopened products returned in 30 days and 50% refund for opened products returned within 30 days.