Target Your Weight Loss 
Our PinPoint Plan


Go through the steps below to setup WHEN & WHAT to eat to lose weight

  1. First select your Dinner time, or last evening meal, (after which, you will not eat until ‘breakfast’ the next day). This evening meal is usually anywhere from 6pm to no later than 9pm.
  2. Count 15 hours from your Evening meal, and that is your Breakfast / First Meal time. (example 7pm / 10am)
  3. Select a Lunch time that is 2-4 hours after your First meal
  4. Select an Afternoon Snack time about halfway between lunch and dinner & THESE ARE YOUR 4 TIMES TO EAT
  5. Now select one meal idea from each row to form your day’s menu. Do not skip any of the times!

Remember to have protein at each of the 4 times (to total 80-120 grams protein a day) and NO EATING AFTER DINNER UNTIL YOUR BREAKFAST TIME THE NEXT DAY this way you will be increasing your fat burning daily!