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Pure Lipodrops with African Mango !

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 Lipodrops with African Mango

Get Started in 2019!

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Dr. Collier says: "No Matter What Diet You Are On, What Gym You May Go To, or How Old You Are: To Lose Pounds and Inches


 Weight loss is a sign you have increased your metabolism enough to start using fat as fuel. It is burning fat that helps you lose weight & get you back into those clothes in the closet! 

 Support total fat burning with Lipodrops lipotropic supplement and BURN FAT NOW!

  • All Natural Amino Acids & African Mango
  • Contains NO Hormones & NO Caffeine
  • Essential Nutrients for Fat Metabolism
  • Easy to Take Twice a Day Drops

 Lipodrops contains the key Amino Acids like Canitine and Arginine, along with the extract of African Mango, (used by weight loss Doctors in expensive clinics)  to boost fat burning. Now you can have the same fat burning power at home with these easy to take drops. 

 Download my Meal Planner below to set the stage for an increased metabolism; Then supplementing with Lipodrops gives your body what it needs to BURN FAT more efficiently! 

We have also IMPROVED Lipodrops by removing some added flavorings, sweeteners and preservatives found in the original formula in order to give you a purer supplement. We have also updated the formula by adding the additional fat-burner,  African Mango.

(NOTE: If you have used Lipodrops in the past, the new 60. ml. may taste very 'plain' to you without the added flavors and sweeteners. Not to worry - it will have the same great fat-burning effect).

The change to 60 ml. bottles (from the original 30 ml. bottles) is to allow more flexible dosing and is easier to use.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE, Choose the dosage that is right for you: 

IF you currently weigh LESS than 200 lbs.: Use 1 ml. (about 2 dropper-fuls) twice (2x) a day. Place liquid under your tongue and hold for 30-60 seconds (about a minute). Easiest way to do this is by keeping Lipodrops by your toothbrush and use morning & night.

IF you currently weigh MORE than 200 lbs.: Use 1 ml. (about 2 dropper-fuls) three to four times a day. Place liquid under your tongue and hold for 30-60 seconds (about a minute). You may take your Lipodrops after meals (3x a day), or if you are following the meal planner, after each of the 4 times a day that you have established for your meals & shakes.

For best results at either dosage follow the meal planner below in images.



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